2001 Specialty Gallery 3

Page3a.jpg - 10.58 K Our one and only K-DOG announcer Jerry Amante
Our show secretary Eileen Parr chatting with obedience judge Mr. Hugo Schreiner Page3b.jpg - 11.71 K
Page3c.jpg - 9.70 K Conformation Judge Mr. Charles E. Doran Jr. and GCESSA member Tammy Osborn. Best Friends Mobile Veterinary Practice our onsite Veterinarian in the back ground.
Carol R. and Bob N. ... at the gate ... and ready Page3d.jpg - 20.29 K
Page3e.jpg - 26.25 K Another great raffle!
Nancy A. doin' our lunch thing Page3f.jpg - 28.27 K

Page3g.jpg - 27.11 K Page3h.jpg - 25.42 K
English Springer Rescue America, Inc. ... at our show ... doing the great rescue job