Best of Breed or Variety
CH Carousel Silverhill Ante Up
Kay/R Groves/E Scanlan

Best of Opposite Sex
CH Vasdon's Braveheart Of The Ocean NA OAJA
Vasquez/C Vasquez/R Vasquez

Best of Winners
Tru-Sport's Turning Point
K Fentiman

Winners Dog
Tru-Sport's Turning Point
K Fentiman

Reserve Winner Dog
Vanilla Bar's Made To Order

Winners Bitch
Silverhill Pass The Flame
Haines/J Kay

Reserve Winner Bitch
Carousel's Tell All
Wallace/M Carragher


Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.

1    Lindel Audacity   L Deuel

2    Otein On The Autobahn   M Govednik/L Nieto/R Nieto

3    Shala's American Dream   T Bounty

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.

1    Carousel'n'the Talking Eyes Inferno   B Pegan/B Watts/G Roy

2    Kawin's Whale Of A Tale   C Sannes/K Snyder

3    Chartwell's Rainmaker   A Magel

12 - 18 Mos.

1    Vanilla Bar's Made To Order   D Tunney   RW

2    Dalin's Tug At The Heart   D Fong/M Nickoli/J Fong/L Fong

3    Silverhill Mad About The Boy   J Bristow/C Benton

Bred By Exhibitor

1    Kawin's Tug Of Faith   K Snyder

2    Salutaire's Sunset Strip   R Gimbel/J Gimbel/B Watts

3    Caran's Another Day In Paradise   C Racey/J Racey

4    Dignity's It's Miller Time   H Gallas/K Grayson

American Bred

1    Dignitys Accidental Tourist   H Gallas/K Grayson


1    Tru-Sport's Turning Point   Fentiman    BW, W

2    Lindel MPH   L Deuel

3    Kawin's Revelation   K Snyder

4    Kawin's Seventh Heaven   D Hoffman/K Snyder


Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.

1    Otein In Shangri-La   R Nieto

2    Otein's Mini Cooper S   S Mccorkle/J Mccorkle/L Nieto/R Nieto

3    Otein At The Copa   Nieto

4    Shala's Sweet Dreams   K Williams/T Bounty

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.

1    Carousel's Tell All   J Wallace/M Carragher   RW

2    Silverhill Sea Dog Surfs Up   R Groves/J Kay

3    All-Time's Watch Me!   C Hamilton

4    Kawin's Touched By An Angel   K Snyder

12 - 18 Mos.

1    Silverhill Alice Is At It Again   C Benton/J Kay

2    Centennial's Fifteen Minutes   S Maxwell

3    Silverhill Hollywood Starlet   J Johnson/B Watts

4    Pridemark's Reach For The Stars   T Osborn

Bred By Exhibitor

1    Dalin's Surrender Your Heart   D Fong/J Fong/V Cary/L Fong

2    Silverhill Gilchrist Chicks Rule   J Kay/R Kirby

3    Hunter N Joels Kiss This   R Mckinney/S Mckinney

4    Pridemark's Missing Link   T Osborn


1    Silverhill Pass The Flame   J Haines/J Kay   W

2    Carousel In The Cookie Jar   G Roy/E Scanlan

3    The Talking Eyes Don't Get Me Wrong   S Trockey/B Pegan/D Trockey

4    Pullman's Oh What A Thrill   N Corbett

Non-Reg Veteran, Dogs

1    CH Kawin's Prophet    K Snyder

2    CH Otein's Realize The Dream    R Nieto

3    CH Shala's Jokers Wild    N Amante/J Amante/G Ryser/J Ryser

4    CH Ridgewyn-N-Stardom's The One CD NA   G Walston/G Zayac

Best Junior Handler

Catrina Minnick

Obedience Classes

Highest Scoring Dog in Regular Classes

CH Silverbow's Casino Casanova OA OAJ   A Leonetti/M Leonetti 188.0 pts

Novice B

1st    CH Silverbow's Casino Casanova OA OAJ   A Leonetti/M Leonetti 188.0 pts